Making of the short

I planned the whole idea to be a 2d animation, but it ended up being a mix of things. I used only procedural materials and textures, nothing was done outside of Blender, even the editing and rendering was achieved using Blender 2.57. The only exception of course, is the music and the titles.

I have separated the video into sequences, segments. The first one is the walk scene, the second is the dream scene, third and last is the party scene and the fourth one is the flyby/space scene. This method helped me a lot, by keeping the overall process quite simple and well sorted.

I have modeled and animated all the differend sheep in a single .blend file, which were linked in to the scenes later on the process. This method had its pros and cons, for example, I could use the same materials for all of the sheep, and modify them easily, but I learned later that I have to modify them specificly to the current scene. An other issue was the scaling of the 2d flying sheep, since the particles didn't scale correctly, and I was lazy enough to leave them as they were.

If you want to know more, you can download the project files, including all .blend and some .png files, but sadly, I cant upload the 1.5GB of image data, which was used in the sequencer.